Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mobile Blog

Okay. Am I seriously crazy? Like I have these thoughts that run through my head that I don't believe a normal person has. I find it amusing when people call me psychotic actually. Cause I don't think I'm that bad. But recently it seems as if everyone thinks I'm mentally insane. I was probably never "cuhrazie" cause I never spoke my mind. But now that I do, I should be "mentally institutionalized". I can't lie. There are moments when I'm talking to myself and I ask myself why did I say or do that. I guess everyone should get accustomed to my "crazy" self. I wouldn't say I'm psychotic though, more like an irrational sane person (:


  1. Lol, I can be like that sometimes. Sometimes my friends or boyfriend will call me crazy but I just take it as them not understanding me and how my mind works lol. I'm just not like others :)

    1. Them not understanding you is the problem lmao. Girl, I feel your pain!