Thursday, December 27, 2012


Summer is three months filled with nothing but turn up sessions, visits to parks & beaches, outings with your loved ones, new experiences, and old flings. Basically pure bliss if you live it up to full potential. This summer I want to go to New York, and work in the city. After Maymester, I would just love to say with my brother & work or intern in a fashion place in SoHo or Times Square. Wherever the Lord takes me. This dream can be true if I...
1. Apply to any/everything early
2. Stack some cash to help me get on my feet
3. Break it to my boyfriend ):
I feel as if that'll be the hardest thing for me & I don't think I can go three months without him but this is something I want to do. To explore what the world has to provide & work in a place I potentially want to live in the future. This is gonna be hard but..... I'm doing it

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