Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Circumstances Pt. 2

A family is a group of people you love, trust, care for, and have each other's back. I'm not tryna say it's not like that, but when it comes down to it #FriendsOverFamily is the movement. How can I love you when you never show me any appreciation & talk down all t\he good that I've done? How can I trust you when you're all a bunch of compulsive liars? How can I care for you when all you do is care for yourself? There is never a good day with my family. Daily my mother gets under my skin, why? Apparently I'm unappreciative of what she has done for me, when it's not like that. But since I am all of a sudden "unappreciative" I will stop depending on her for anything. I put it on everything I love I will. I don't ask for money, clothes, nothing. All I ask for is a lift from Point A to Point B. She doesn't want to provide me with Ivory (a car of any kind) so I guess I will just depend on others for a lift. She said she won't come pick me up from school anymore, no clue why, but it's cool. I just won't put my responsibilities on hold for her petty ways. I don't need her or my family for a car cause they don't provide me with anything so why should they start now? I will get my own car, I don't know how, but I promise I will. Everyone in my damn family is selfish as fuck. My mother would rather save all the money she has in the bank to send to her sketchy little adultery boyfriend than to buy her daughter a car that she obviously needs. I tutor, I go to club meetings, I stay after for help in class, I need a job, but its not obvious that I need a car to her. Anyway, I am just upset at the fact that everyone in my "family" believes that it's their way or the highway. They don't do absolutely one thing for me, but yet they feel the need to control me. A bunch of lying, controlling hypocrites is what my "family" is made up of..

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