Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I am not the type to talk about fornication, but am I the only one who enjoys every moment of it? I love it all, starting off with the kissing, biting of lips, hickeys then rolling over tired as fuck, again kissing & cuddling. The penetration is uhmazin' though, like that first stroke is like your first all over again. The heavy breathing, kissing in between, the body heat, positions, everything. And it's all with that significant other of yours. I guess you would call it makin' loveeee, cause fucking is something totally different. Fucking is just sexin' without affection. It's probably with some person you will never talking to again, and you're just doing it just to do it. No kisses nor cuddling, just heavy breathing, penetrating, roll over and be out. But then again, I've never fucked so I wouldn't know. But as Wale said, "Sexin' without affection is necessary for others." I believe fornication, making love, coition, intercourse, sex, paradise, whatever you wanna call it should be shared between two lovers. That's just my opinion cause I know plenty of people who fuck just to fuck. That's how they live their lives. It's so precious to me, just because you have that special person you're sharing it with. That person who has the privilege that no other male/female has. I wish that someone would ruin my beautiful bliss that happens in the bedroom, it would be over. That would be another blog on another day, if the man that was penetrating my body were to dare take advantage or play me for sex, hmph, you would see a side of Deena no one has ever seen.

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