Friday, February 24, 2012

Nah Seriously Though

Seriously I am very upset. I vowed to never blog about the problems in my relationship but nah I have to break this promise. I won't even say what caused this argument.... it's dumb, I admit. But the shit that has me the most riled up is that he doesn't even CAREEE! I am a big baby when it comes to petty arguments but this time I ain't do shit, I refuse to apologize, & I will not hit him up. If you see something is wrong with me, askkk! Nah but I was blessed with the heartless boyfriend that feels the need to act tough & relentless 24/7. Shit not flying, nahhh sweetums. Its so agitating. If we break up, then so be it. I am stressed with the bullshit, and I am probably not fit for relationships. I love my significant other & I will kill to be with him & kill other bumblebees for even looking at him but I guess I am not emotionally stable enough to hold a relationship. Don't get me wrong, it is something I can work on, but how can I work on my problem when there is something that occurs to get me more & more upset & the constant disregard for my feelings? I hold my tongue constantly, day in & day out there are somethings I don't agree on, but do not say a word. I am not made to hold my tongue, I am used to saying what I have to say and all the "keeping to myself" is not healthy for my insanity...I'm a female though, that's my excuse.. take it how you want it.... All I know is that everything happens for a reason & my future shall be clearer. The Lord won't allow me to feel like this anymore.....

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