Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I could never comprehend why bitches are so counterfeit, so fraudulent, so so faux... Like it urks my living soul. I get it, I'm fake. Seriously, who isn't? But its to an extent to where its just freaking inexplicable.. I have been in school for about an hour & the amount of shit I've seen thus far is cuhrazie. I would lay out the multitudinous amount of these faux events but I'm not gonna put anyone out there. Deena better than that y'know? I wouldn't want a bitch to talk about me on an international website... But I'm just straight to the point. I can't phatom the presence of the fraudulent bitches I come across daily... smh bitches are something else, but don't get me wrong.... niggas just as bad. I have more to say, but I'll continue to hold my tongue...

Discontinued & Detested Deena

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