Monday, October 15, 2012

Georgia State Update

I haven't forgotten about you Blogger, just been busy & I apologize. Georgia State has been kicking my ass, soon I will have bags under my eyes. My picture is me taking a break from writing my essay, I'm slackin ya'll, I need encouragement before I drop out and become a skrippa. Ya'll see them Honey Nut Cheeerios in the back, yaaaaaaahh those are my life lmfao, fuck Ramen noodles. According to my schedule I will probably be free the second week of November but I don't mind. I love Georgia State, if you wondering on transferring, DO IT! You'll never get bored, trust me. For god sakes, its in the muhhhfuckin' city. My last blog about GSU I had a mental breakdown after failing three tests back to back to back, well this week is the same thing & we shall see how I do with them. For the meanwhile, I'm gonna go find someone to massage my back as I nap cause my eyes so low, you woulda thought I been smokin marijuana & shit. Love ya, xoxo

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