Friday, April 6, 2012

That Girlfriend...

I wanna be the girlfriend that all ya niggas & friends know about. The one who's on ya mind all the time. I wanna be that girlfriend that you need to brag about cause of all that I do for you. I wanna be that girlfriend who you go to for every little thing cause you want to speak to me & trust me with all your secrets. I wanna be that girlfriend who you bring to meet ya parents. That girlfriend who you can compare to no other. That girlfriend who you have to talk to before you go to bed just cause I make ya night. That girlfriend who you sometimes ramble about just cause. Guys don't do these things though, I guess it's because it's the girl's "job". But anyway, it's just Deena's hopes again. On the real though, I truly just wanna be that one, y'know?

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