Sunday, April 8, 2012

My First Priority...

Background of Deena's Clothing Wonderland: In 9th grade I remember my cousin Carlinda coming to stay with me in GA & she told me I had a big ass closet with atrocious clothes, so I threw away everything I had, EH-VER-RE-THANG, but I kept like 3 shirts. Ever since freshmen year my closet has undergone so many transformations. But I've always wanted to acquire this different, vintage, extravagant style that no one has and now I would say I have it. You wouldn't believe how much I've spent on my clothes yearly but it's worth it cause now I have the style I've always wanted. I know that I'm gonna continue adding things cause I will never be satisfied with what I have, cause I have thrown away or given away so much of my things.... But for now you can see what I have accumulated & kept these past 4 years...

My Closet (:

Trousers from Urban Outfitters- $30

Denim Oxfords from Madewell- $50

Blazer from the Thrift with a little tailoring from me (:

Bag & Tassel from H&M- $24.95 & $5
Sweater from $25
Newest piece. I been feening for a BBC shirt for years now. They not even that expensive, I just didn't wanna but it. So my boyfriend recently copped me one :D

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