Saturday, March 17, 2012


Recently I have been feeling some type way. How I've been feeling: 

  • taken advantage of
  • lied to
  • like I'm a sideline
  • unappreciated*
  • sprung (bad kind)
  • & the list goes on...
Why I've been feeling this way? Maybe because the people around me cause me to feel this way, if that makes any sense.... I feel as if I'm a very good girlfriend, student, daughter, friend, but I don't get what I put forth. Hence the unappreciated part. It's quite discouraging actually, but it won't change. I should stop being so kind to these people and start acting like a straight bitch. That won't really help anything but that seems like the solution. When I say unappreciated I'm talking about in every form, a thank you once a day would be suffice in my book. I guess I have been doing so much for others that I've lost focus on what's most important, Deena. Deena never gets what she wants, she sits back & listens although she just wants a couple things.. Just a little admiration, affection, sympathy towards her feelings, catering, all of that. It seems like a lot but just one acknowledgement of what I do would be enough. I honestly don't know how to express myself right now, all these thoughts running through my head but they won't come out through writing. The things I feel the need to say are the things that need to be locked up, cause they may start problems.... But asides what I just listed there is only one thing I want, someone will have to figure it out though. its quite obvious*

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