Tuesday, March 13, 2012

GSU Gurl ^_^

So i finally made my decision on college, and I'm going to Georgia State University... Although I still want to go out of state, hopefully New York or something, that can wait. I finally put my room deposit down, I found my roommate, Brenae', but now I just gotta turn in that other form. I am excited but at the same time I'm not. My mom is blowing me hard body. She is acting like even at college I'm gonna need her when in reality I don't need her for anything. She doesn't want me to get a roommate so she can sleep over or have boys over. C'mon mama, seriously? But I have no clue what's going through her head, everything she is doing is supposed to pull me closer but it's actually pushing me away. She just doesn't comprehend and it's so agitating. She told me I was going to hell cause I don't wanna go to Haiti with her. It's my summer after high school, Haiti is not somewhere I wanna be.... Mph. but asides that everything is swell, ma dukes need to jump off sack right quick and let me do me for a change. But I know it won't happen soon..

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