Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Family Circumstances

This is my first blog, ever, so bare with me. So yesterday I had the biggest altercation with my nother and I realized I am so over her. I honestly do not comprehend what is wrong with her, she needs another vacation. Daily, she starts trouble and I feel as if she has so much things running through her head. With the divorce and constant bickering about money, sex, and deceit, the Milien family household has been straight havoc. The one thing I detest about my family is the money issues my mother, father, and brothers have. Everyone ACTS like they have no money, they put on the facade that we have money problems when in reality everyone has money stashed away from the family. It is so agitating cause my family is made up of lies and I am so over it. I really wished I had filled out the UCLA application on time cause I would love to go somewhere where there are no Miliens. I love MOST of my "family" , but I am so over this. EH-VER-RE-THANG

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